Universitat De Barcelona Learning Agreement

(Students who are covered by specific agreements with U.S. universities should keep in mind that they do not need to send documents). 2. If your home university does not have a formal exchange contract with UB, you can apply for an individual – 1 passport photo – ID card – European ID card – European Health Card – Learning Address (definitely) – Courses you set up (name, code and group) The UAB campus measures 263 hectares, 60% of which are covered in forests and green areas , and is only a stone`s throw from Barcelona. It offers all kinds of services: 24-hour specialty libraries, computer rooms and laboratories, a language school, a health centre, a gymnasium, a theatre, a cinema, restaurants and shops, as well as a hotel and residences that can accommodate nearly 2,100 students. About 50,000 people are on campus every day, including about 10,000 international students from 90 countries around the world. Each year, UAB enters into new mobility agreements with universities around the world. These students can stay one or two semesters during a university year at UB. Their temporary studies are organised either by a Spanish exchange programme (SICUE, DRAC and Cajal), through an international exchange programme (ERASMUS, bilateral or other agreements), or by an individual application.

UAB Barcelona Summer School was founded in 2016. It offers a wide range of themes in several areas and runs from late June to early August. Most courses are taught in English, with the opportunity to learn and improve Spanish as a foreign language. Depending on the rules of each home university, especially where there is a mobility agreement with the UAB, students can transfer the credits acquired during their stay to their current degree. International students: Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, bilateral agreements, specific agreements with American universities, Coimbra group programme, CINDA programme, etc. Not all diplomas are open to all erasmus students. Ask your International Office about the areas of study included in the agreement with your home university. 1. Find out if your home university has a student exchange contract with the University of Barcelona Students can engage with the UAB student community through community innovation, in programs such as Tandem, Buddy, Mentor, etc. Each academic year, the University of Barcelona welcomes a large number of students from other universities in Spain and abroad who wish to study at the university for part of their studies.

The closing period for students who wish to study during the winter semester or in the full year is June 15. For those planning to study during the summer semester, November 15. For a general approach to the bachelor`s degree, the English courses are here. Edifici N, Plaa Cévica 08193 Bellaterra – Campus UAB UAB has an ESN community and other group activities such as the American Football Team, Gan`pies (Catalan Man Tours), Korean Club, Swing UAB, Gamers UAB… Special services for temporary students who facilitate their stay at UB.