Waverley Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

Irrespective of the wording of some agreements, the court found that tenants paid rent for only one room at a time (with common institutions) – the landlord`s right to collective tenancy was not based on housing benefit statements indicating that separate rents were being paid. Locks have been installed on the doors of the tenants` rooms. Tenants will find the answers to their questions in their rental agreement and the rental manual issued at the beginning of their tenancy. If tenants wish to leave their rent, they must cancel Waverley Housing in writing for at least 4 weeks. Our customer service team will confirm the actual rental date, as we need this to engage in rental periods. You will also provide information on the steps to be taken before leaving the property by tenants, such as inspection. B, account statements and key handing over, etc. Contact our customer service team on 01450 364200. Proof of residence – with your name and Waverley address (for example. B an up-to-date electricity bill, statement of account, rental agreement, municipal tax or mortgage). Landlords cannot avoid personal liability by encouraging tenants to sign indyable agreements.

The High Court has ruled that these agreements are irrelevant if what happens in practice deviates from the « conditions » and that there is no reasonable likelihood that they will be respected. If you receive a housing benefit, council will pay your rent directly to Waverley Housing. However, if your benefit has not been paid for any reason, your rental account indicates that you are late. The right to housing allowance is the responsibility of tenants and it is important that tenants provide the Council with all the information necessary to process a right. For more information, visit our « Make Payment » section. There is a key difference between these two types of n lessor. H. and the lease. In the first case, a person is responsible for the rent of a given room. However, in the second case, each of a group of co-tenants may have a lease of the entire property. If in doubt, you should check the wording of your lease and ask your landlord for more information. You can get legal advice or consult citizens` advice services.

A legal lease is a binding contract. The landlord submitted that all of his tenants shared all the units in what the Commission had called HMO. The presence of lockable bedroom doors and the use of addresses such as « Bedsit » and « Flat » indicated separate rentals and lifestyles that correspond to an IHMO property, regardless of certain versions of certain leases. The court held that « adaptation » cannot mean as little as « adapting to new conditions without making radical changes. » As a result, the bedroom doors closed externally were sufficient evidence to classify an apartment as HIMO. . Rental Estate Application Form (PDF, 19.53 KB) What to keep in mind before applying for the Waverley Housing Registry (PDF, 243.25 KB) If your application is not approved, you will receive an email with the justification, and if you have other steps, you can do so.