When Did Nexstar And Directv Reach Agreement

I won`t get it. Kens5 in San Antonio, is above the only station worth watching. It has all the favorite programs plus the news. It`s outrageous that it`s easy for you to get off a station. We pay enough to get off the stations. Especially now that everyone has to stay at home and can only watch TV. It`s not fair, you`ll have your wallet and pay. We, as consumers, have no voice if you do it s…, I have to look around you at another provider. Angry. If you`re not smart enough to realize it and consider yourself caught, if so many alternatives to cables exist, you`re trapped by your own lack of imagination. I had Directv from the beginning, when it was primstar. I probably owned my dish and equipment, but when it was sold to Directv, I was told that I was no longer in possession, that I was renting, and then when AT-T bought, my price continued to go up and my channels disappeared several times.

Fewer channels, but more money. Paying $320.00 a month for TV is ridiculous. And then say that you don`t see some channels because of a network darkening due to a game or sporting event. Myself and my mother-in-law have worked for AT-T for years, and it`s so painful to know how bad they are with their former employees and retirees. BS is that we pay extra for our local network channels. While others log in and watch the shows for next to nothing. Some of us don`t have that luxury because it lacks high-speed internet quality for streaming. I prefer to see shows without buffering every 2 minutes, so long.

So they want to raise the price for us, but they still don`t ask for anything for others. Why is that so? Maintain it and it will not be observed local networks if the notices continue to decline because the service is reduced to so many. We sign an agreement, we pay for so many channels, and we will go through that this year. All I can get is a direct TV or a plate to have cables where I live. It`s so crazy. It`s ridiculous when you move forward. We pay way too much for the court and Directv. My father is 92 years old and he needs a court.

It`s the only TV he needs to watch. And removing these local channels is simply not acceptable. I am a long-time DISH customer. One way to fix this is to get an antenna for local channels (save $12/mb if DISH gets them back, but we don`t need to buy it anymore!) We also take nexstar, which is causing this problem. We no longer pay for our people, so our supplier no longer pays Nexstar — they are the losers, maybe they take the lesson and stop crushing us when they are already well compensated.